Friday, August 16, 2013

June 21st Haymaking event

We have offered to look after the Poundbury orchard.  This orchard is almost next to the farm, and contains 60 heritage apple trees, planted by local school children to commemorate Prince Charles’ 60th birthday.  It fits in well with what we do, and it also has a lot of long grass in it…. We held a haymaking …

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June 18th Bees

Judy spotted that there seemed to be a lot more bees in the hive than there had been previously, so we checked them in case they were about to swarm.  Steve came to help us out.  He told us that they would have swarmed within days, and we would probably have lost them.  Lucky someone was paying attention…  We …

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June 15th-ish Goslings and other poultry

A set of seven goslings hatched in the incubator and were reunited with their flock.  This is the last lot of goslings for this year (phew!) and brings the total number of geese at the farm to 35.  They will be invaluble for keeping the grass grazed (and fertilised) on the farm and also at Poundbury orchard …

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