#Every Tree Counts


As trees grow they absorb and lock up carbon dioxide emissions in their leaves, wood and roots. This makes them vital in the fight against climate change.

Native deciduous trees also provide food and homes for wildlife, make oxygen and purify the air and create a green and beautiful countryside.

The Committee on Climate Change tells us that over the next 30 years we need to plant 1.5 billion trees as a patchwork of new mixed broadleaf woodland across the UK. This will help us to achieve net zero carbon emissions by 2050 and at the same time increase biodiversity by making habitat wildlife can use
– and we can all help!


What can I do?

Join us this winter to plant hundreds of native broadleaf trees (subscribe to our newsletter for forthcoming details)

Offset your carbon footprint by helping to fund our local tree planting here

Check out the Woodland Trust Big Climate Fightback #EveryTreeCounts