#Every Tree Counts


As trees grow they absorb and lock up CO2 emissions in their leaves, wood and roots. This makes them vital in the fight against climate change. Native deciduous trees also provide much needed food and habitat for wildlife. The Committee on Climate Change tells us that over the next 30 years we need to plant 1.5 billion trees as an extensive patchwork of new mixed broadleaf woodland across the UK to  help us achieve net zero carbon emissions by 2050…..

…..and we can all help!

Tree planting in winter 2020-2021

Transition Town Dorchester was offered a grant by The Tree Council via their ‘Branching Out’ programme to match a similar grant kindly offered by the Town Council.

With these two grants, plus 420 trees which the Woodland Trust gave us in November, we had 1200+ young trees to plant around the town before the end of 2020. This, added to the 900+ trees already planted by Transition Town volunteers earlier this year, brought the total number of trees planted in 2020 to over 2000!

We got most of the trees planted during National Tree Week, the last week of November, but lockdown kicked in and we had to plant some of the trees later.  We were hoping to be joined by community groups, schools and colleges, but again, lockdown prevented this, however, we were happy to be assisted by Dorchester Rotary Club in the end.

Thank you to everyone who helped plant trees with us this winter!

Dorchester Trees Initiative

in conjunction with Transition Town Dorchester 

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Tree Planting in winter 2019-2020

TTD received trees from three different sources during the winter of 2019-2020: 200 trees from TCV (The Conservation Volunteers), £400 from the Town Council to buy trees, and 420 trees from the Woodland Trust at the beginning of March. 

Several tree planting events were planned, and people were invited to come and help, to have a good day out, to help out (we had so many trees!) and also to offset their carbon footprint.  Our inspiration this year came from the Woodland Trust Big Climate Fightback #EveryTreeCounts

We  planted our first batch of trees on Saturday 18th  January 2020. Thank you to the 20+ people who came to plant 150+ trees for the climate ! Fantastic sunny day and great work done by all.

We planted our second batch of trees,  funded by Dorchester Town Council, on Saturday 15th February 2020. Thank you to the 15+ people who braved the elements during the wind and rain of Storm Dennis. A great effort by all considering the weather conditions !  The second batch was planted on 18th February.

We planted a selection of Field Maple, Hornbeam, Green Beech, Hawthorn, Spindleberry, Common Privet, Wild Pear, Guelder Rose, Common Buckthorn, Bird Cherry, Small Leaved Lime.

Our third batch of trees 420+ were planted on the 14th March and were a mixture of Hazel, Dog Rose, Blackthorn, Elder, Crab Apple, Rowan, Hawthorn, Silver Birch, Wild Cherry, Oak, Maple, Willow, Holly, Downy Birch, Goat Willow.

Thank you to everyone who helped plant trees with us this winter.  We got almost a 1000 trees into the ground and around 50 people came to help us. 

Sat 18th January Planting

Saturday 15th February 2020 ( Storm Dennis ) – Tree Planting

Thank you to the 15+ people that braved the weather thrown at us that day – to help us plant more trees. No blue skies that day!

Saturday 14th March 2020

Thank you to the 25 people who helped us plant the 420+ trees


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