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Contact Liz (gardenshare co-ordinator)
Phone: 07561 432907
Gardenshare is a new project based on the hugely successful schemes in Totnes, Bath, Cambridge, Exeter and loads of other Transition Towns. To see what Gardenshare is like in practice – see this clip from the BBC featuring the Totnes project by clicking here
Gardenshare basically links Garden Owners who have an unused corner of their garden with local, committed growers; Gardeners who want a plot of ground to treat it as if it were their own garden (or maybe they are number hundred-and-something on the allotments waiting list and are getting a bit hungry!)
Garden Owner benefits include: the demise of nettle-farming, a share of the produce, the chance to link with other Gardenshare Owners and the pleasure of seeing a developing vegetable plot emerging
Gardeners get a secure plot on which to grow whatever that they choose, lots of vegetables to eat (or flowers if you prefer) and the chance to reconnect with the soil and link with other Gardenshare gardeners
Plots available now…
click below to see a few samples of plots we have available (not all plots are put on the website)
Broadmayne Plot 1 (456kb pdf)
Broadmayne Plot 2 (464kb pdf)
Gardenshare Plot 3 (644kb pdf)
Get involved – if you want the chance to get outside, grow some tasty veggies, get your hands dirty, and vastly reduce the food miles involved in your food, or if you have a garden plot that you would like to offer to a grower,
Download the  Guidelines for Gardenshare Members (40kb pdf)
Frequently Asked Questions:
How much will it cost?
Gardenshare costs just £10 per year for each Gardener. Transition Town Dorchester is not for profit – this subscription is to cover your own insurance and our costs for running the scheme.
Will I be able to grow what I like?
Yes, as long as it’s legal and not horribly invasive – most people grow veggies but its up to gardeners and the garden owners to decide if flowers would be a nice addition
What happens if a gardener hurts themselves in my garden? Will I be liable?

We ask that all gardeners join the South West Allotment Association. As a friend of SWAA gardeners are included in their Insurance scheme to cover accidental injury – the price of this is included in our £10 membership. For details of SWAA see:

What if I don’t get on with the gardener/ garden owner I’m matched with?

Gardenshare tries to match people whose expectations and habits will work together

We help Gardenshare members to ask the right questions and agree their own particular terms – the scheme is very simple and guides you through those first conversations so you are clear about your Gardenshare from the outset. In Totnes ALL 30 of their Gardenshare’s have continued into a second season

What if I move house or I want to give up the Garden?
If, at any time Gardeners or Garden Owners need to give-up their Gardenshare Arrangement or if it just isn’t working for you then we encourage that at least one month’s notice is given by either party to help make alternative arrangements
But I don’t have any gardening experience – what if it all goes wrong?
Transition Town Dorchester is teeming with people who have some really excellent practical knowledge of gardening. If you think you might struggle we’ll try and find a Gardenshare Buddy to help you cope with the traumas of Cucumber Mosaic virus or spindly runner beans!
Organic or Chemicals? What’s the deal?
There will be some garden owners and gardeners who choose to garden organically whilst others will use chemical fertilisers and pesticides. Though Transition Towns recognise that oil-based chemicals are pretty bad for the environment – we figure people should make their own minds up – but we’ll try hard to match organic gardeners with owners who only use natural controls and fertilisers
How much produce will owners get?
This is up to the Garden Owners and the Gardeners to decide at the start – but we usually suggest that Owners might get up to a quarter of the produce
Who buys the seeds and plants – what about water, security, access etc

Gardeners are expected to provide all of the plants etc just as if it were their own garden. All the arrangements and details of the Gardenshare are included in the agreement that you make at the beginning

We provide you with an easy checklist and some good guidelines to help with this

Gardenshare Newsletters:

July/ Aug 2010 Gardenshare_Newsletter_Issue 3 (192kb pdf)

April/ May 2010 Gardenshare_Newsletter_Issue 2 (256kb pdf)

March 2010  Gardenshare_Newsletter_Issue 1 (256kb pdf)

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