Monday, November 14, 2011

Home Energy Saving Winner!

When Lorraine Wong (right) decided to borrow an electricity monitor from our loan scheme, she had very little idea how much electricity she was using in her everyday life.

Six months later, at the close of the scheme, the monitor has helped her to make behavioural changes that have saved her money, reduced her carbon footprint and won her a prize of a local food hamper for her efforts!

Lorraine says: ‘The biggest surprise was how much energy my ceiling lights used as they are all halogen bulbs, so I decided to limit my use of these and use table lamps instead’

She has made many other changes too, such as making sure she dries her laundry out on the line, rather than using a tumble-drier, and washing clothes at a lower temperature. She saysI leave nothing on standby, and now I only turn my router on when I am actually using my computer’. Well done Lorraine!

The aim of the electricity monitor loan scheme was to help people to make a sustainable reduction in their consumption of energy. Sixteen participants in this free scheme were able to see their electricity usage in real time using a monitor with a portable display which helped them to understand where energy was being wasted in their homes. They were also invited to attend meetings where energy saving advice was available, and everyone that gave feedback at the end of the scheme reported that they had made a saving.

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