Sunday, August 18, 2013

July Cabin

We received funding from the Big Lottery to build a cabin at the farm, as a classroom, meeting room, or just a place to shelter from the rain and cold and have a cup of tea. 

We began fitting it together a few months ago, having built a foundation for it to stand on.  It looks fabulous, but a puddle still gathers in the middle of the floor when it rains, despite huge efforts put into sorting out the doors.  This time, we put mastic around all the bottom edges, and gaps which had opened up in the walls were corrected by lots of people lined up on the roof jumping on them at the same time.  We continued to paint the walls and window frames. 

Copy of DSCN1501


Copy of DSCN1507

Blokes in their element

Copy of DSCN1523

We’re all working really hard…

Copy of DSCN1524

That’s more like it

Copy of four in a row jul13

Four in a row – the jumping-on-the-walls team nicely lined up in order of height getting ready for action.  And will someone please paint that patch of bare wood green!




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