Tuesday, September 3, 2013

July Guerrilla gardening

With the help of the Mental Health Forum, huge numbers of courgettes, pumpkins and squashes were planted (rule – plant two and hope one dies).  So when talk of guerrilla gardening was started, we had the ideal candidates for planting around town.  Unfortunately there were weeks of hot dry weather, so the plants continued to grow, so when we finally got some of them out there, they were all quite big, some flowering.  More chance they will survive, possibly.  Some intrepid guerrilla gardeners went out at the crack of dawn, others in the dead of night.  Signs disappeared quickly, but some of the plants have remained.  Others (Brewery Square, County Hall) were unceremoniously removed.     

gg brewery square

Brewery Square

Copy of gg outside county hall

County Hall

Copy (2) of gg Dorch South station

Dorchester South Station (the pumpkin is the pale blob by the wall…)





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