Monday, November 4, 2013

September 21st Try this….

Transition Town took part in Try this…., a series of skills sharing events held in Dorchester in September.  There was a total of 36 sessions, held in 16 different venues over six days, and they involved people teaching other people what they know and what they can do.  So at the farm, we joined in with this, and ran three sessions in our new cabin – poultry keeping, beekeeping and an introduction to Transition Streets.  It was very successful, and a particularly good way to get lots of new people to the farm.  Around 22 people each came to the poultry keeping and the beekeeping sessions, slightly fewer (5…) to the Transition Streets.  We had lots of new names on the sign up sheet to put on the mailing list and several people have said they’d like to come to the farm on a regular basis. 

 Copy of 011 TTD Try This 210913 photo Kate Forrester

Our new cabin bursting at the seams with people

Copy of 012 TTD Try This 210913 photo Kate Forrester

Judy being eloquent about poultry

Copy of 010 TTD Try This 210913 photo Kate Forrester

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