Tuesday, March 30, 2021

Spring is just round the corner

Spring really feels like it’s waiting in the wings at the community farm.  We planted daffodils around our new sign at the gate and they make it look friendly and welcoming.

We’ve ordered our seeds and have already planted some in the polytunnel – carrots, beetroot, various salad leaves, spinach, and this week we planted out the broad beans, which were sown a few weeks ago in pots.  We have been following Charles Dowding’s ‘No Dig’ method of cultivation – instead of digging raised beds and disturbing the structure of the soil, we now spread a thick layer of compost on the top of the beds and plant into that.  We have made a lot of our own compost, but also have received a generous donation from Komit Kompost (soon to be renamed Chedington Compost) of lots of beautiful rich compost, which will really help us with our growing.  And as if to prove how healthy our (undug) soil is, we pulled up a leek, and with its roots came six worms!

Many thanks to all at Komit Kompost for their lovely compost!


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