Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Three years already? Would you believe it!

AGM Saturday 7th May

And this year we’ve negotiated with the Railway Orchard folk to hold the event at their site.

Come and have a look at one of our projects and DON’T FORGET to bring some plants to swap.

The Orchard Group will be having a workday until about 2 pm when the AGM – I mean – Birthday Party gets underway.

Shared food, so don’t forget to bring something if you can. Tea and Coffee on tap, and you never know, someone may bring some alcohol!

If you don’t know where the Orchard is it’s accessed via the footpath either behind the garages at the eastern end of Monmouth road or from the footpath alongside the railway at the eastern end of Alfred Road (which is at the back of Dorchester South Station).

On a serious note…

The Steering Committee wants to change TTD’s status to a Company Limited by Guarantee. This needs discussing, you may want to know the reason, and vote on it at the AGM.

Also if anyone would like to volunteer to bear one of the offices of TTD don’t be backward in coming forward.

There will also be a quick resumé of projects.

Join in. It’s your Transition Town!

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