Transition Together

How does it work?


Groups of friends and neighbours meet every few weeks with a practical workbook to make easy changes in how they use energy, water, food, packaging and transport.  In this video ‘The power’s in your hands’ some groups that have already taken part explain what it’s like:

Transition Together, also known as Transition Streets, was originally set up by Transition Town Totnes in 2009. Winner of a 2011 Ashden Award in the behaviour change category, the idea behind Transition Together is to engage members of the local community – many of whom don’t see themselves as ‘green’ – in living more sustainably in response to diminishing fossil fuel supplies, economic uncertainty and climate change. It provides opportunities to increase personal and community well-being, expand the local economy and find more sustainable ways of living. You can find more information here.

Now Transition Together is coming to communities in Dorchester and its surrounding villages.

We will be posting more about this once the project is underway, later in 2019.