TTD library

Books for Loan:

The Transition Handbook (2 copies)               Rob Hopkins

The End of Oil                                                 Paul Roberts

The Transition Timetable (2 copies)               Shaun Chamberlin

Beyond Oil                                                      Kenneth F Deffeyes

An Inconvenient Question – Socialism and the Environment  

Mark Maslin

The LETSaholic Twist                                      James Taris

Are you Happy? (7 copies)                              New Economics Foundation booklet

One Planet Living (2 copies)

Win power: your questions answered           Friends of the Earth

Warming: Climate change – the facts          Met Office

Dorset’s Green Book & Directory 2008/9      Editor: Debbie Cowan

Helping you understand Weather and Climate          Met Office

Local Food – how to make it happen in your community

Tamzin Pinkerton & Rob Hopkins

Sustainability – Australia’s Future

All for one – people and wildlife         A Rocha

Contraction & Convergence                           Gleneagles Summit 2005

Bringing the Food economy home 

Helena Norbert-Hodge, Todd Merrifield & Steven Gorelick

The Next Whole Earth Catalogue            Stewart Brand


Various environmental journals


DVDs for loan:

An Incontestable Truth

McLibel: The postman and gardener who took on McDonald’s and won (2 copies)

An Inconvenient Truth

The End of Suburbia

A Crude Awakening

Drowned Out

The 11th Hour

Who killed the Electric Car?


To borrow any of these items please contact Bill North on 01305 264412 or email bill.north(at)